Old Man Winter

Too cold? Or Too Old? That is the question. Whether tis nobler of the the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of these brutal Florida winters and ride old Snoop Skoot, like the wind, or, to bundle up against the cold, stay in the comfort of the homeplace, and thereby end the shivers?
I've riden in winters so cold, I've had to wear every set of gloves I own, and still had frozen knuckles at the end of the ride. But now I'm of an age, that I test the outside temps by feeling the window panes, then jump back in the warm and toasty sack and dream of the days when I ask, Too hot or too old...? lovetorideridetolove


A Katy Did Gig said...

I understand. I've become very picky myself since my back thing, and have hardly riden even. In the past, I have prefered the cold to ride in, but lately, the comfort zone had moved in and I don't see it moving out. Spring is only a couple months away for you. Patience...

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