day 20

greeeetings keyboard. it's7:37 and i'm just back from SkyKing Fireworks in Daytona Beach. Was going to take The Snoop but our normal summer afternoon thunder boomers were gathering for their evening barrages and so took Old Blue, the 89Corolla. Good thing too because on the way home it was the Perfect Storm . At least i did score 48 Excalliber Cannister Shells with assorted effects from Jumbo Red Dahlia's to Silver Waves and Red Whrilwinds. sounds good. we'll see come this weekend. Got some smoke bombs because my Joey had so much fun with them last year. Anyhoo, i booked it out of SK and with the gas gauge flirting seriously with "e" and some thick clouds marching rapidly my way i made it to the back side of the Daytona Racetrack, that is prepping big time for a major race this weekend, before the PF began its show. I coasted along at15 mph and fourways workin strong as the ws wipers were doing the two step in double time. At the intersection with Williamson one could not see 30 feet ahead. Here comes a Medic Alert fan with lights and horns making a statement. I slowly creep across the intersection wondering if i get smacked by someone who can't see either, will the trunkload of fireworks ignite? Yikes. Whew. Well it got stronger and stronger, wires down, tree limbs blowing across the road, then the hailstorm begings. Good size balls of ice bouncing off ofold blue, but press on thankfully behind some other brave souls and now the little gas reminder light is glowing brighter than ever. "Will the power be on?" i wonder, anticipatting the Citgo just two miles ahead. Ahha. Just ahead of the front and their power is on. They don't know whats coming their way. I hop out quickly, gas up and zip back south on 415 outraceing what i just drove thru. Ahh. clearing skies, but a glance in the rear view reveals black clouds and zero visibility. Whew...


day 19

greeetings keyboard. long time no talk. too many this and thats and dat ain't rite. WritetoLive is as important to me as RidetoLive. So please excuse my dribble if it isn't exclusively about motorcyling. your author is at this very moment in his backyard under the arbor and cloudy skies deep in the jungle, scribbling on his new lap top wirelessly connected to cyberspace. I now want to take a pic a see how that works...

Wowwie zowwie. that works. Now this may be simple and old hat technology to most of you, but well you know that Pink Floyd line "ten years have passed you by. You missed the starting gun. No one told you when to run." Well, that line was written to me. I'm a little late to the laptop/wireless game but just in time for me. Because i hope to file a play by play while in Sturgis South Dakota for the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally.http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com/ and yes we are virgins to this show, so hope to b e able to provide another perspective. http://rally.sturgis.sd.us/You know how you can anticipate something too much and when you finally are experiencing that thing, then theres whatz her face singing "So, thats all there is? If thats all there is then i'll just keep on dancing...". My brother Larry and i have been anticipating this so much, reading all the web forums and web cams, reading the Rapid City Journal, which provides a great web blog during the celebration of the motorcycle. http://www.sturgisrallydaily.com/, getting in our miles and bikes prepped, and just plain talking about all the details everytime we talk., i hope we arent a victim of the "Now What" disease. Thats a whole 'nuther story to it self and zoon to follow.
But for now, todays experiment is to see if i could post and zip current pics just like that and lo and behold i think i've crossed that frontier. Can now just relax and enjoy the fun part of banging away on these keys to see what happens next. OOops. just one more thing. Now i've got to find out how topost videos. I just bought a "camera clamp" that is a basic modified c clamp that attaches to the handlebars with a "foot" for the digital cameras. I'm just not too comfortable yet with the setup, fearing that one jolt or bump in the road could dis lodge the clamp and lead to the loss of said camera. It's worked well at slower speeds so may use it during a main street putt. But i am buying the "Hel-Cam" like the one KT has, altho we haven't see evidence of that yet, lol. also. I dont want to travel these 6k miles and not have evidence to help jog my memories so i write about them.
Got to ride 100 ish miles yesterday because it was supposed to rain hard all day today. Went thru one downpour and after sliding sideways on slippery roads to avoid a low mileage but costly smack up, i decided to call it good. Lots of clouds today, but no rain so far. I've got to run and do chores now and so will dribble here later...



i'ts one of htose mornings when one is so glad to be alive. No near misses or anything like that, but news that friends are suffering trials and tribulations with their teenage boy. Very sad that young people just don't get it. Not just for them but for the whole family and circle of friends. Life is so precious and they just dont understand that just one thoughtless moment and reaction and your whole world can melt away before your very eyes. No one here knows these people so i guess it's ok to divulge the known facts, but i'd rather speak of a new and exciting find for me and the family.

While in Sabastopol CA. visiting with Uncle Bruce and Aunt Annaliesa he let us read my Granny's Journal. Now it is well known in the family that she kept one but this is my first actuall seeing, reading and copying it. Turns out it is Volume IV: 1936-1941. She was born in 1907 and will be 99 next month. This volume starts when she is 29 years old. It is AMAZING. It's like the great american novel. Chokablok full of life, personal and public. I may try an experiment and try to take a picture of a page and see if it will post. While snooping around in another new found program i'm also trying this experiment. lets see if this works...

well, well, well. that seems to work. but now while i have time, back to the real work and not that playing around. lol
Grannys journal is most inspirational and as i read it i realize it is a Blog. She just wrote down daily all the ends and outs of this and that. Guess i have blogging in my genes. i wonder if other bloggers have family history of keeping journals? these have a differnt attitude because others may or may not read them, while the key for real journal keeping is to write as if no one is going to read it, that way you can let it flow and let the letters and stories fall where they may. Kick that little critic off your shoulder and let the great god of muese Hermes in for a chat.
it's all really just blah, blah blah, but i'ts my blah...
Like i said a lot has happened since my last time spewing here and i'm not sure where to start because i still have some motorcycle tales to share and that is the key to my spewing here. Maybe i should make another page for Granny's Journal?