day 28

these movies are as addictive as writing/riding...
I was supposed to ride with Larry and his gang from Melbourne that friday of Daytona's Annual Biketoberfest, but my boss decided to fire one of my two man staff, and so consequently my work load quickly zoomed up a third. It would mean leaving david alone for the day and altho he could handle it, well i figured it wasn't the right thing to do. Larry got to ride up there Thursday with Cary. They rode up 1 to "Destination Daytona" (and you know how i feel about Bruce Almighty and his raping of our credo "It's not about the destination. It's about the Ride.", so i won't dribble on here anymore. But, he does put on a good show, so Larry tells me. Lots of music, vendors and builders. Even our own Billy Lane. The last cop (Steve, who is a Schog) i spoke to about Billy's case said "I don't care how many lawyers he brought to court to be charged. He's going away for a long long time." In dispute is the throwing out the BAC evidence because Bill refused to surrender that and it was taken against his request. Steve said, rather grumpily "I don't care. Now they may have to do without some of the evidence, they still have enough to prove their case and this bum is going away for a long time." I've never shaken Billy's hand, but he is a local legend so the tails exist about his wild life style, but now being someone who while recklessly driving killed a biker, now that is different. I've heard of Billy showing up now at the Boggy Creek Run ($50) per rider and now Biketoberfest. Bikers now have their own "OJ". How sad.
I'm glad i didn't run into his side show and have to deal with the feeling of wanting to Booooooooooo and Hisssssss him in amongst his most ardent supporters. But the only reason and way we can enjoy our rides is by preaching safe riding, for all including the super stars. Now i'm sure during the seconds just before the head on collision Bill was in heaven with his new nice young things mouth all over his lap, after whooping it up in three different bars all day (you know that each time Bill walks into a different bar there are those that will say "Hey. Your Billy Lane, let me buy you a shot. Yahoo.") at each joint, but now we have a dead mans grieveing and lonely family and Billy living? in a cage forever and ever. And what do you think the nice new young thing dreams about at night now? Sorry about scribbling on so, but thats just the way it happens when i don't commune with Mercury for a while.
Now, for some words about Biketoberfest. Like i was saying Larry went on Thursday, and after Destanation Daytona, they motored south to Main Street for the required crawl thru the crowds to see bottoms and bikes filling the street and sidewalks, hear the thumping rock and roll bands and let the tourists take your picture. Then they went to the RaceTrack, home of the Daytona 500, and actually got to ride their bikes thru the tunnell under the track and onto the main infield. The tunnell is only 200 yards long and small two lanes wide so the sounds of thundering freedom crackling out of the pipes, make me smile just thinking about them. Well, thats what they did. This movie is about what i did and saw. The video is a little shaky, sorry about that, i tried out some new pads for the camera mount. We met Randy, Mary, PJ, Mike and Karen out on 46 and 415 where while yakkin and gassin, Randy spies one, out of lots of bikes zooming by and remarks "Look. thats the first time i've ever seen that. a black chick, with gloves and short shorts on a huge crotch rocket with a white boy with blond dreadlocks clinging on as her bitch." Hmmm. "Nope" we all laugh. "Us neither." It's a perfectly cloud free cool day with motorcycle just written all over it, so we saddle for the 60 mile trek north with the other pilgrims biking to mecca.
Well, if you enjoy the video, i'll come back and fill in the stories...


day 27

greeetings keyboard. remember me. I've been thinking of visiting you for a while. You know how it is.
Our next adventure was the annual Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Fl. This is an excellent pic of lovey surrounded by iron galore at the Iron Horse in Ormond, just a couple of tiks north of DB. They serve a world famous steak sandwich that we tested and approved of. While standing in line we spied the most interesting t-shirt wearing mom and daughter team ever witnessed.

their errie eyes matched only by the statement being made my their t-shirts made me wonder what the home life was like. they appeared totally content with themselves and posed willingly and happily to lots of requests for pictures.