Waiting to be engaged, or Engaged to be waiting?
That is the question of the day? Seriously? Ok, then. the law loves these curiosities. Playing with concepts, but I believe it to be dangerous to play the waiting game, period. Waiting is no longer an option, no longer a task in the American Dream...


a note to cagers

Just a note to all you cagers on the roadways of central Florida last Sunday, who were slightly delayed or inconvenienced by a large group of bikers rolling east and north.
 I, on behalf of Seminole County Harley Owners Group, locally and affectionately known as SCHOG, for said delays hereby apologize, and would gladly give you back those lost 3ish  minutes if I could. You see, Sunday was our annual Veterans Home Run up to Volusia County. For the last 7  years, SCHOG gathers up all it's beautiful women (of which we have plenty), t-shirts, socks, hats, and niceties to make these heroes from yesteryear a little more comfortable, during their stay at Emory L Bennett Veterans Nursing Home in Daytona Beach. The SCHOG Ladies gathered all the supplies and filled up 120 goodie Harley Davidson bags, and made sure each 118 of the men and both of the women residents got one. The SCHOG men, manned the grills and ice chests full of liquid refreshments. First veteran I speak to, tells me, "Oh yes, this is a grand day and I've been looking forward to you guys and your bikes for a long time." Boom. Smiles all around. Most of the residents were already at their favorite lunch time table with their friends ready for Biker grilled burgers and dogs. The Home staff had already eaten and now assisted the residents. Before lunch is served some residents rolled around the parking lot checking out the 100 thousand dollars worth of American made iron and wheels that rolled in just to honor these heroes. They shared tales of "my first bike was a ...", and riding memories, brought honest smiles to their eyes and hearts. It's a well known secret in SCHOG'ville that this ride gives us back so much more than we give. These heroes are my heroes...lovetorideridetolove...