greeeetings keyboard.
just getting back from our SCHOG "Traveling Hog" festivities. We all landed at the TGIF's in Altamonte Springs where they had to call in extra staffl. we packed the joint. there will be pictures, videos, exposes, gossip, short stories and finally a full feature movie eventually made of this party.But for now here is another teaser of day 2 of bikeweek daytona style 08...



greeeeetings keyboard.
wow, what a great bike week it has been. And to top it all off, about noonish the phone rings and a man asks "Is this the Tahoe Taco?"...The stun began to set in instantly. "WTF". i'm thinkin.... to myself, "no one knows that name. at least no one in my circle for 30 some years now. the brain is doing a double time sprint back thru the voices from yester-year and then it pops... SKI. Wow. I cant's say wow enough. You, dear keyboard were not even a glint in your makers great grandmothers eyes way back then...Way back then are some good tales which may or may not be true, but Terry Dyksinski was always real and true. Then he says "hey. i got someone here who wants to talk to you." "ok" i questionably answer. "hello." Who is this". i'm thinkin, then pop, its David freakin Gilstrap...wow and his wifey Eddie. Now my Sunday has turned into something really special, because these three people were the true definition of "friends". Now a days, you, my lovely keyboard, you of course and my journals are my best friends. and of course my special Snoop Skoot. Speaking of which man o man what a great bike week i had. Only met up with some Schog's on Sat. nite at the Patch, but that was a hoot. The Thong Pulls bring whole new visions now of competition at the Patch.


Sorry, i cant' get that link thingy to worky...No pictures of the thong pulls here yet. I'm still editing day two which was to Deland Bike Show, Daytona International Speedway, Main Street, then cruised south on Hwy. 1 to the best Chili-Cheese Steak Sammy in da world, then 40ish miles south to 46 turnoff and to say goodbye to my bruder Larry. Let me see if i can find a teaster photo... while i edit...



ok. let bike week begin proper. here are some impressions from the thursday before the official start of bw.


day 32

can this be the last of bike week 08 already???
here is a teaser pic...