day 28

these movies are as addictive as writing/riding...
I was supposed to ride with Larry and his gang from Melbourne that friday of Daytona's Annual Biketoberfest, but my boss decided to fire one of my two man staff, and so consequently my work load quickly zoomed up a third. It would mean leaving david alone for the day and altho he could handle it, well i figured it wasn't the right thing to do. Larry got to ride up there Thursday with Cary. They rode up 1 to "Destination Daytona" (and you know how i feel about Bruce Almighty and his raping of our credo "It's not about the destination. It's about the Ride.", so i won't dribble on here anymore. But, he does put on a good show, so Larry tells me. Lots of music, vendors and builders. Even our own Billy Lane. The last cop (Steve, who is a Schog) i spoke to about Billy's case said "I don't care how many lawyers he brought to court to be charged. He's going away for a long long time." In dispute is the throwing out the BAC evidence because Bill refused to surrender that and it was taken against his request. Steve said, rather grumpily "I don't care. Now they may have to do without some of the evidence, they still have enough to prove their case and this bum is going away for a long time." I've never shaken Billy's hand, but he is a local legend so the tails exist about his wild life style, but now being someone who while recklessly driving killed a biker, now that is different. I've heard of Billy showing up now at the Boggy Creek Run ($50) per rider and now Biketoberfest. Bikers now have their own "OJ". How sad.
I'm glad i didn't run into his side show and have to deal with the feeling of wanting to Booooooooooo and Hisssssss him in amongst his most ardent supporters. But the only reason and way we can enjoy our rides is by preaching safe riding, for all including the super stars. Now i'm sure during the seconds just before the head on collision Bill was in heaven with his new nice young things mouth all over his lap, after whooping it up in three different bars all day (you know that each time Bill walks into a different bar there are those that will say "Hey. Your Billy Lane, let me buy you a shot. Yahoo.") at each joint, but now we have a dead mans grieveing and lonely family and Billy living? in a cage forever and ever. And what do you think the nice new young thing dreams about at night now? Sorry about scribbling on so, but thats just the way it happens when i don't commune with Mercury for a while.
Now, for some words about Biketoberfest. Like i was saying Larry went on Thursday, and after Destanation Daytona, they motored south to Main Street for the required crawl thru the crowds to see bottoms and bikes filling the street and sidewalks, hear the thumping rock and roll bands and let the tourists take your picture. Then they went to the RaceTrack, home of the Daytona 500, and actually got to ride their bikes thru the tunnell under the track and onto the main infield. The tunnell is only 200 yards long and small two lanes wide so the sounds of thundering freedom crackling out of the pipes, make me smile just thinking about them. Well, thats what they did. This movie is about what i did and saw. The video is a little shaky, sorry about that, i tried out some new pads for the camera mount. We met Randy, Mary, PJ, Mike and Karen out on 46 and 415 where while yakkin and gassin, Randy spies one, out of lots of bikes zooming by and remarks "Look. thats the first time i've ever seen that. a black chick, with gloves and short shorts on a huge crotch rocket with a white boy with blond dreadlocks clinging on as her bitch." Hmmm. "Nope" we all laugh. "Us neither." It's a perfectly cloud free cool day with motorcycle just written all over it, so we saddle for the 60 mile trek north with the other pilgrims biking to mecca.
Well, if you enjoy the video, i'll come back and fill in the stories...


day 27

greeetings keyboard. remember me. I've been thinking of visiting you for a while. You know how it is.
Our next adventure was the annual Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Fl. This is an excellent pic of lovey surrounded by iron galore at the Iron Horse in Ormond, just a couple of tiks north of DB. They serve a world famous steak sandwich that we tested and approved of. While standing in line we spied the most interesting t-shirt wearing mom and daughter team ever witnessed.

their errie eyes matched only by the statement being made my their t-shirts made me wonder what the home life was like. they appeared totally content with themselves and posed willingly and happily to lots of requests for pictures.


Sanford Bike Fest 06

ye old 'puter is in the shop again, so here is a short vid of our weekend in the park. The cops on choppers was the best...



wow, have i really been gone that long? Sorry keyboard. i know, i know, you want attention too. Glad your medication is my fingers and not a drug. Anyhooo. Good to feel you again. I promise, no more of the "i dont have enough hours in the day" bullshit. Zo. It is now 8:46am on a quiet sunday morning,blue skies, light breez and a lucious sweeet 68 degrees, and the progress on lovey's homepage, Dream-Walls is coming along nicely, but is soooo time intensive. I tell ya, every creature in this house is attention defecit, oyyvaaaaa. sorry about all this side scribbles, you know how i dribble on when i don't get to touch you often enough. Now. on with the show.

Here is the last video of the first day. Yes. San to say that i've only related the first real day of our riding adventure so far. This thing could drag on for a while. I've been to a few other sites to read their excellent versions of the Black Hills Rally 06 advetures, and have found them short, well written and to the point, where as my recollections tend to go on and on and on. lol. So here are those links for reference, The first and best of course is "the big mutha", yes, his tall tales are the best, then there is "the "dixie biker" stories and excellent pics of their Lake County HOG chapters trip, and also, although it is not tales of the black hills, these people are in my book, "real bikers", this husband/wife team ride around the world on their bike . Also, my sweet sister has sent me some more notes from my Grandmother. She writes about her grandmother's life in 1870's in Hawaii. wow. Found a family tree in there too that takes me back to 1690 in N. Ireland to Archibald Thompson...ok ok ok now, really. lol here is that last video...
I gotta tell ya, i'm getting to like building these little videos as much as ridin/writin.

Well, they passed the Smith coal mine on Hiway 308, past BearCreek and wind up one grand day of puttin. Our camp guide highly recomended the Bridge Creek for the best grub in town, so as they roll back onto the main street of Red Lodge feeling like they have just conquered the new world, they spot the joint and park right in front. "I didn't expect it to be such a fanzy joint" Q remarked. You see, V had graciously offered to buy us all our dinner that night. They made a rowdy entrance acting like the kings of the world, which is what they felt like after finally riding the mountains of Montana. V introduced Tina, the cute young waitress to the Alphabet Gang and we all had a good chuckle. Then when she came back with our adult beverages Q asked "Lets, just say for example folks come here, order and eat then don't have the money to pay. What do you all do about that?" Then while Tina was stuttering over her answer Q asks also "Where is the closest bank in town and is it well guarded?" Then after a long pregnant pause, we all had a good belly laugh, even tho Tina walked away not really sure what to make of these three out of town bikers...



twisting, swerving, down shifting, leaning in, fading out, climbing, dropping (not the bike, just the altitude, and then the long long straightaway of hiway 72 thru the high desertish landscape north to 308 then westerly thru the BearCreek.

oooops. before they leave the top of the BearTooth of course the silly video had to be made...




"Theair there is so clean. And why shouldn't it be? It's the same air the angels breathe!" I know, i know that's a quote from Sam Clemens about the Sierra Nevadas but the attitude is the same. Wow, what a nice rest stop at 10 thousand feet. Wonder what it looks like covered in snow? Also, John Denver's "RockyMountainHigh' comes to mind. You see, this rag tag gang from the jungles of florida haven't been out of the swamps in way too too long. "America the Beautiful" comes to mind also.

The A. Gang headed up the Chief Joseph Highway full of vim and vigor because the rains had let up and life was good. They rode a Honda, Yamaha and Harley and reveled in the saying. "it doesn't matter what you ride. Just as long as you ride." These highways, mountains and lakes could not care less who made our cycles.

Chief Joseph took us up to another pass.

and another spectacular view and another history lesson about the good Chief tricking the american soldiers and escaping over the pass.

These bronze pieces of art helped transport your author back to a more rugged time in our american west.


bhr 8

While being overwhelmed by the majesty of the Bear Tooth Mountains Z remembered his assignmnet from lovey to get lots of artsy pics for her to draw.Here is the humble attempts...

Amazing, just amazing. A view that could have been drunk in all day, no question. But the call of the road and the thrill of actually puttin these mountains was stronger than the desire to stand and stare. So, click, click, click and they saddled up for more fun...

V.'s sled pointing Northwest.

Next stop up they cross the border and V. has a big chuckle while straddling the state line.

They enjoyed and left Custer NF and were excited and looking forward to the Shoshone NF.
the next stop is actually named "The Top of the World" and it ain't lying. It is a cozy log souvenier shop with cold beer and the hang out porch up front. Z bought his pin while they started to gear up for the nex leg a cruiser with his old lady on the back roll in. Just as he stops he looses it in the gravel and 10 rough tough biker dudes run over to help before he totally lost it. One of their group that didn't run over remarked loudly "Holy shit tommy, i never knew you could run that fast!" they all had a good chuckle as soon as they saw the lady and the bike were ok. they had nothing to say to the pilot cause he was a dumb shit not to handle his bike any better than that. Escially with his lady on board.
Their are lots of dark clouds now swirling around and just as they get back on the road its rain time. No worries mate. all part of the adventure...here is a little video...



the entrance on 212 to sleepy, quite, old west feeling burg of Red Lodge is just a couple of clicks west. This 7 year old statue honoring Crow Chief Many Coups. Now i am a news junkie, thru and thru. I am hooked to the 6 oclock local, then 6:3o national for many many moons now, but this adventure changed all that. Z got to relive American history and walk/ride the very grounds that a cosmic culture loved. Here is a pic of the plaque under the Chief. His words on war still ring loud and clear.

Hope you can read this. Z felt magic here at the foot of the Bear Tooth and this plaque confirms that is was magic to the Crow also.
They stopped in at the local bike shop, Bone Daddys http://www.bonedaddyscustomcycle.com just across the stree from BearTooth Harley and found a nice "at home" feelin shop, just like the burg. Z just had to score a patch, pin and pic.

Of course you know Z's thing about all things black and white. The excellent colors of SS. so this front window art work for BD's caught his camera. The blue sky in the background is just a tease. The A. Gang score some required t's and swapped realities with the usual crowd that gathered around V.'s sled with the usual question "What is it?"

And off south they rode with Z wearing only his vest. The first turnoff, just 3 miles up the road a pull out gave him the welcome chance to put on his jacket and snap this most excellent shot of V checking in while at the foot of one of the most majestice awesome rides ever. Your humble author has neither the skills or vocabulary to do justice to the reality of the Bear Tooth. The climbing, the slow turns creeping and crawling back and forth across the face of the pass, the ultimate drop offs outside and rock for days on the inside of the twisties just have motorcycle written all over them. They laugh and vroom vroom up to the first lookout at 9 thousand feet.

and of course your humble author had to have a pic for evidence. Your honor, freakin a, i was higher than a kite on the day in question. Actually, 9 thousand feet high with my head in the clouds.
Speaking of clouds, notice the change? KOA's camp leader told me this morning "Those mountains make our weather, so keep an eye on them" when i asked him "whats the weather going to be like today?". In fact ridin SS in these magic mountains felt better than any high producing drug i'm sure. Cept maybe, rrr, well, thats for another story.
here are the Alphabet Gang.
Z,Q and V.

They are facing northeast and the camera is pointing southwest with the Yellowstone off in the far distance. Lovey like this pic so much it was the first one she painted.



Its' currently 8am. sunday morning and i can visit here for a bit while the homestead is quiet. Picked up the "repaired" computer from the new local shop. Built a quick 30 minute film and set the software Pinnacle to "create dvd" and then had to leave to pick up Joey and Marti. On the way home, lovey calls to say "your computer is making that sound again". i could hear in the background the most hatefull sound ever of the puters alarms going off, just like before going into the shop. So now i'm down 200 plus bones and still can not create my movies.rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. "I'm sorry" says lovey. "It'll probably mean a new motherboard" i guess out loud.rrrrrrrrrr. Which reminds me. "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is fast upon us. Sept. 19http://www.talklikeapirate.com/. I think that bikers are pirates deep down, so expect some interesting stories.
It's always something. Missed destination daytona's bike night last nite due to lovey not wanting to rided in the rain. spoke with d and n and heard that they would ride over there and gives us the low down. They only live 10 minutes away. Which also means that during biketoberfest http://www.biketoberfest.org/ and bike week http://www.officialbikeweek.com/ one constantly hears the vibrating vroooom vrooooom of freedom.
now for a few pieces of items not mentioned in bh5. V reminded me of some points:
continued...When V. jumped out of the home in industrial billings montana to run into the Casino for directions, Z jumped out with a flashlight and stood behind the trailer with the motorcyles in it to direct traffic around us. Flash, flash, wave it here and there. "Hope this can be seen. Man it sure is quiet out here" Z thinks to himself. V. rolls out of the club and laughs heartily asking "how many cars came by?" he knew the answer was zero and laughed all the more.
Next. Now they were all used to people stopping, staring and askinglots of questions about V. sled. One of my favorite answers so far is "Well, it started out as a vtx." and this adventure had its share of those, but as they were leaving the SuperWalMart (after being checked out by a sweet cross-eyed, tooth challenged, chuncky girl who remarked at them" i used to think they were bad, but now gray haired bikers are so sexy". Z had his usual hat on altho his long gray beard was all a scraggle, so they all turned to V and had a good laugh) was a group of teenagers going in the store and the loud mouth boy holllers out across the lot. "Hey. Nice bike man. Is that a v-8 in it?" V. was at a loss for words.
a good nites sllep was followed by a glorious sunrise with t shirt weather and high clouds. i walked up to the front office to register after finding a ticket on the windshield reminding us to, even tho i had filled out the paperwork last night or more correctly at 4 am.Anyhoo the good old boy Luke who ran the place recommended "i think you'll like the Bear Tooth Pass and the Chief Joseph Highway for a nice motorcycle ride" Z. relates this to the others, they scout it out on the map and agree. Z determines from his Magellean GPS that we are at 5 thousand some feet at the camp. Yikes, they live at 25 feet, this really isn't Kansas anymore Toto.



Z and Q putted over to the local NAPA store and scored the new plugs and wires that showed up on the scan as being weak and Q set to work for the next 2 hours replacing them. He had to wear his biking gloves because the engine compartment was hot hot hot. He finally started up the home and Z was glad it started till Q said "That ain't rite". It was missing a bit. Just enough to be not right. Z's confidence in Q was dwindling and he wished we had coughed up the couple of hundred dollars and have the dealership mechanic get er done right, but it was too late because they had closed up for the day. Then out of the blue the mechanic appears. He helps Q and in 15 minutes all was correcto. V. gave him a 20 dollar tip and learned that this kid had been to many many Sturgis Rally's, but this was going to be his first on his own Harley Davidson. They finally zoom west out of Rapid City around 5:30ish and damn glad to be on the road again, even if it was in the home instead of the sleds.
At 2isham they finally roll into Billings Montana. Z calls to find the local SuperWal-Mart so the gang can load up on groceries for the next few days. Z screws up the directions and V, finding themselves lost in a quiet chemical factory part of town stops dead in the road outside a very small Casino. V tells Z "go inside and ask directions." for some reason Z wasn't into it an was protesting "you can't just stop in the middle of the road" "Says who?" was V.'s powerful response. Z jumped out with flashlight to guide traffic away from our home in the middle of the road. V came out and said "Fuck it. we should be in there partying" he told of the toothless skinny old girl up on stage singing "Lonely". He had gotten directions and in 10 minutes we pull into the correct parking lot. The perimeter of the lot was full of motorhomes with trailers. Looked like a polish koa.
V. also gets confirmation that we are on the right trail and Red Lodge Montana is our next stop about 60 miles south. It's totally dark and so they do not see the magnificent mountain ranges surrounding them. On the small two lane hiway212 they pass a KOA, but then make a slow turn around up the road and come back to it. The night time sign in sheet said they had a space available. V. the excellent trucker invented a set of flashlight signals to help guide the home home.Walla. perfecto. Rack time. Finally a chance to sleep without the constant road thumpity thumps under the pillow.



here is the correct, trip beginning vid: It's a little dark, but what adventure doesn't begin in the dark? V and Z
had grabbed a couple of hours of sack time on Q's couch and floor altho the floor was not as comfortable as Z remembered from his earlier days and so tried to watch a movie on tv to zone out to. V woke me up around 1:30 saying "he's here. lets go." Z groggyly rolled over and truly did not want to go. "You guys go ahead. I've changed my mind and do not want to go." He really didn't, deaths cousin was too enchanting just then. But up popped Z finally realizing there was no backing out now. It was Q's girlfriend's birthday the next day and so we thought he was in giving her a going away present. He tells us "No" later, but you know what a gentleman Q is. Anyhoo they all load up and start the start clock at 2:26 a.m. e.s.t. V. is quite the driver, heas a cdl, etc. and has lots of stories about driving long distances, so he grabbed the wheel first and drove till 2ish pm sunday all the way to north georgia. Here is a pic of the first gas stop and our chance to donate 150 dollars to those poor suffering oil barons.
I took over the wheel and lasted only 4 hrs before i just couldn't keep awake any longer.

Up thru Chattanooga, then Kentucky then calling it good for my shift somewhere in Illinois. Q takes over after getting some good sleep time.
In this pic two of the bike covers are still intact. Altho they will both be gone zoon. A major truck was backing way off from behind us and a passerby hollered out about something "flapping in the wind" behind them, so they stopped and removed the remaining threads of the covers. It was grand to finally be on foreign roads and this adventure was finally becoming a reality. Actually, these 45 hours of continous driving was so surreal they called it a time/reality warp that was used to escape the day to day same old same old reality.

finally St. Louis is in sight after spending the night rolling thru Kentucky and Illionois. wow what a bunch of Gambling Casinos are camped out along the Lewis and Clark route. Q is all afire that co-pilot/navigator V and Z snap some good pics of the "Arch". So much so that he misses the correct turn off and they end up down-town. Now, I'm sure St. Louis is a fine burg, but this neighborhood's age was not hiding. There is one jewel tho and of course it's the baseball park.

Monday around noonish they finally roll just outside of Wall Drug and pull over to feel the intense winds in person. "This would be a catagory 2 backhome" Z laughs. The motorhome was running rough and the next fill up confirmed they were only getting 4.5 mpg as opposed to the usual 7.5 mpg average. They jump on the celly and find the location of the closest dealer and make an appointment for a scan. Q, who is an expert mechanic theorizes "its a sensor. maybe a heat/fuel sensor and hell i can change that myself". "while the dealer is scanning the home we can unload the sleds and go find something to eat!" "Nah." V. states, "I'm going to stay with the bikes" They meet with the shop foreman and he tells them they are next on the list and should be looked at in one hour. "ok, then! Lets ride" exclaims V. After 34ish hours of continous motorhome confinement the freedom of being on the bike where they belonged was fine freakin tastic. Found a Mexican joint for Q and for a chain, it was acceptable. But now for the good stuff. They saddled up and beat it back across the super slab to the Rapid City Harley shop that was chockablock full of activity. They rolled in only to find nothing really happening yet and so decided to ride. "Turn right and lets see what we can see" shouted Z and away they zoomed. It felt like being a kid in a candy store. Finally riding the bike on way foreign roads. Roads with turns and hills. Yahoooooo. They zoomed this way and that being totally lost and lovin it. around here and there Z kept turing right whenever the roads climbed up, "Up", what a concept for boys from the 50 feet altitudes.



greeeetings keyboard. you know you are who i want to write to, but these last three weeks have been very needy.
The Alphabet Gang, V, Z and Q rode back thru the reverse portal of reality and landed at 46 and I95 right on schedule at 7:30am last Friday, 8-11 and i got to ride the last 30 straight miles back to Lopezville, just like this adventure began two weeks ago. And these are my first few quite moments and the chance to file a report. Sat. morning there was a SCHOG upscale (35 bones) seafood buffett dinner ride leaving the shop at 3 that Big Dave reminded me of and so he and his BadAssBikerBitchBarb roared here and off to the shop we zoomed. It had been a while since i got to putt with the Schog's so this ride on the Lake county back roads is just what the doctored ordered for me and my lovely, specially with me and the Snoop-Skoot being gone for the last 2 weeks. Dinner was spectacular at an old country inn and so while the gang continued on makeing stops at the local watering holes on our Annual Poker Run list, lovely and i were ready to be home and so rode back alone. Only one wrong turn and altho lovely thought i was totally lost, we did roll into our garage just before our regular afternoon thunderboomers arrived. Both of our boys computers funkyfied up during that storm and so it took the puter shop this whole week to repair them. I've still lots on my list of "to do's", like updating lovelys web page with all her new and improved achievments and copying all my pics for da A Gang, but i really do have to lay down this last adventure while it is still fresh and not repeated over and over to workmates who keep asking "what was it like?". The more i talk about it, the less i will write about it. anyhoooo, you know the drill.
Now, i shouldn't have to repeat this, but i will. Memory is a tricky thing and so this report will be laced with some truth. Some is the key word.
On with the tale:
I sleep anxiously Friday nite, knowing that in afew hours the adventure that has been in the works for 365 days will begin in earnest. I jump up early and start to load up old Snoop-Skoot. There are a few more items than on the practice run and the bungies just didn't seem to remember their jobs. With big hugs from lovely and our ruffians and one last pic for her celly background, away i roll. I get all the way to our front gate when this new load decides to shift off the right side of SS, yikes, "what is this?" I make my first highly embarrising stop to re-bungy and re-take off slowly.

Here is a pic of your author and the bikes loaded at around 3pm Sat. V and Z now zoom back V's crib to shower up and skat over to a nice Italian joint for dinner with our sister K.

Here is that gathering. We thouroughly enjoy our last real meal as we will be camping out for the next two weeks.here are V,K and Z.

After enjoying that fantastico meal that K paid for for my bd.She is the best and i am most blessed to be able to call her sis. she also gave me a framed retouched ancient photo of me at age 4 with my most beautiful mother. Tear up? you bet i did. wow. i had never seen that pic before. Anyhooo , thanks sis.

Now V and i said our final goodbyes to all and to P and then zoomed over to Tony's to wait for him to come home from his wedding party so we can zoom out and start this show. Here is a video of V getting ready. Oooops wrong video, but a fun tease of things to come...



wow. found a wireless connection here in Hardin Montana at atruck stop. i only have time for afew pics... I am listening to wtks, our local radio in orlando, while the rest of the Alphabet Gang, Q and V are across the street at Taco Johns. These pics are of Q and V cruising the Bear Tooth Pass.



Finally the day has arrived and it's time to pack up and head to Sturgis. This trip has been in the works since Aug. of 05 and i can't believe its finally here. I picked up some motorcycle luggage and here is a pic of SS loaded up. I had to see if i could get everything on board for my ride over to Rockledge 90 miles away to the motorhome.

It just so happens that this is my BD also. Here is the perfect card that my lovely made all by herself for me.

day 26

Well, old SS finally made it out of the shop in time for RideYourBikeToWork Day and oohh what a treat it was to be back in the saddle again. The new handle bars are mini Angel Wings and so felt like the old days on old Black Betty. Swell.
Last Friday was a dodadoo at JZ Riders so my lovely and i jumped on SS and went for a visit. They had aband and free wings.and of course lots of cool bikes to see. We hung out for a bit and chatted with the bike friendly crowd. Being close to home, we then saddled up and beat it back to the homestead for an early evening and a movie. "The Worlds Fastest Indian" is definetely one to enjoy.//http://www.worldsfastestindian.com/ I have it on DVD and will be taking it out west to enjoy around the campsite one night.


day 25

greeetings keyboard.
the month of Hammuz, Hebrew for July, has always been eventfull says history and July 06 is shaping up to be one of the most. Where is Rodney King when we need him? "Why can't we all just get along?" Frustration at the madness in the middle east is tempered by the LoveIn in Berlin. Who'd a thunk that? http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/07/15/060715172659.jl1j62tn.html
Well, hooray for Deutschland. Reminds me of the good old days. In fact speaking of the good old days. Howz 'bout this link in honor of the late great Bill Graham? I've been listening to the "radio vault" here for a week now and what a time machine it is.http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/ My very first concerts were in Fillmore West and Winterland back in the late 60's when Bill was giving music a real platform. Wolfgang was Bill's real name.
Now on to motorcyling. Old Snoop-Skoot went into Ace's Wed. the 5th after hitting the 10k mark for it's once over and some more comfortable handlebars. Scott called me yesterday afternoon to say that "those bars you picked out don't work. Why don't you come down to the shop and try out some other ones?" rrrrrrrrrrr. well ok. i understand "best laid plans" etc. All last nite i fretted over what was originally a 50 dollar upgrade will now move into the multiple HD's (Harley Davidson for Hundred Dollars) because i'll probably need new braided cables because the new bars are longer and wider. rrrrrrr.
I drove the old blue cage over to Rockledge yesterday morning to meet with Larry and Toni and go over the last minute details for our BlackHills 06 Trip, which is now only 13 days away. We went over the timeline, route, things to bring and things we want to do out west and then borrowed Ronnies bike to go and see how three bikes fit in the new 6x16 foot trailer Toni just bought to transport our sleds out west.Wheww weee it was hot, but nothing compared to the 111 degrees registered in Rapid City. L and T are supposed to drive up to Ga. this afternoon to pick up the motorhome donated to us for the trip, so all the parts are falling into place. Larry's pipes new and exotic are due in this coming Wed. , so he is ultra jazzed.


day 24

here is one more experiment
ahh memories of a putt long past. riding with the pack adds an extra rush to the feelings of freedom. this video doesn't really capture it yet, but the experiments will continue. it is too bloody hot outside right now and because the old Snoop-Skoot is in Ace's getting it's 10k once over and new handlebars, and the fact that i spent a good two hours pulling weeds and dead grass. what a sad statement that your author, a child of the 60's and san francisco, now hates grass so much. lol.


day 23

So now. test number 5. Is this one going to work?

ahh.Hahh. this seems to work, so i'll tap out some notes relative to this beginners video.
When i get back from Rockledge, i call BigDaveCassens to ask if he knows anyone with a trailer that will fit three bikes. "I saw a "forsale" sign on a trailer down in southwest orange county. A 7x16 enclosed for 2k. It's about 30 minutes from my house." he tells me. "Ok. Lets go have a look." i answer, then go ask my boss if i can go. She of course says "ok", knowing how important a chore i have. I putt into BDC's yard, after a few phone calls while only 1/4 mile from his house. U-Turns are legall, right? I hate getting lost, so close to the destination. We load up, fire up and practice our "go slow" manuevers down the dirt roadway leaving their house, all the while just digging the roaring rumble of 3 harleydavidsons singing their happy tunes of vrroooom vrooooomm. The "go slow" race is one i've always wanted to participate in, but haven't yet. There is one girl here that wins everytime and i mean everytime. All the guys are looking around while practicing to see if she's going to show up this time and when she does and a hurrahhh goes up from her lady fans, a slow quiet rrrrrrr is sighed from the men. http://www.baroutback.com/
This is the link to Johnny Rottens Bar Out Back where most local games go on. As you can see the place is quiet a hoot.
So, we make our way to sw orange. BDC knows these roads better than anyone and soon we pull into the storage company where the "forsale" trailer is . RRRR. the "for sale" sign is gone. "I think it's been sold" growls BDC. I take some pics of it to show Larry.
It is a 98 and with some tlc could be a deal for 2k. but alas too late it appears. there is a phone number for the storage facility, but theres still no answer, even these few days later.
So, BDC and his wifey Bad AssBiker Barb decide to putt thru gorgeous Lake County over to see his motorcycle riding brother, while the skies are fair and before our regular afternoon thunderboomers set in. I'm jonesin' to ride and so go with them. We are sitting in the first position in a left hand turn lane at a major intersection with two lanes to our right. Cars sit in the far lane waiting to turn right, when all of a sudden we hear a cars tires begin their loud screeching sliding sounds. I spot the red older chevy's wheels smokin as he is only 30 yards behind us and holler "here we go!" I then turn my head to watch this lunitic to see if he's going to stop or slide into us or what. BABB has her ipod on and doesnt' yet live in her rear view mirrors like me and so didn't spot the slider till he was 15 yards behind. Somehow, thanks to our three guardian angels at the stoplight with us, this yahoo stayed in his lane sliding, screeching and smokin all the way into the intersection and somehow turned his wreck right, still sliding, avoiding the crossing traffic and missed everyone. The cross traffic was turning left in front of us, so if this nut had drifted our way there was no place for us to go. This happened a week ago and i still cant stop thinking about it. if i've learned anything, its to live in the rear view mirror, be more aware ALWAYS and DO NOT piss off your guardian angel.
we finally get out into the countryside and this is when i tried out the new camera mount's video abilities. BABB is descending our own Florida mountain, Sugarloaf, and flirting with death on her terms as she plays "look mom. no hands". lol
well, the rains are coming and now would be a good time for some outside chores. i will be back.


discovery day 21

"t-minus 17 minutes and counting". is the last transmision so far.
It's now 2:47 and one h0ur ish in real time till the launch of Shuttle Discovery. I'm just out of the shower and cooled down from doing my 150 miler this morning. Out east on 46 for 30 miles thru the jungles and over Puzzle River and into Brevard County. Home of launch pad 39b. "T-minus 14 minutes and counting" I am watching via 'puter on NasaTV. "The white room is clear and their are not technical issues being addressed at this time". "T-minus 9 minutes and holding" Mission Control from Houston, tells us. Our local channel 9 on the tv is showing the real time behind the scene for the launch also. This is such a complicated vehicle and so so many engineers involved to light this candle. A good half of my putt east this morning (kickstand up at 7ish am), I could not see a vehicle in front of me nor behind me. Perfect putt conditions, 75 degrees, high clouds with no noticable winds. Hiway 46 is a county road, but in excellent two lane condition and zooms thru deep bush filled lands opening up to fields that are home to cattle and palm trees. Thru mims then stop at the gas station, next to the I95 onramp, where i first showed Larry old Black Betty for a quick smoke before hitting the slab. Where as 46 is a treat, 95 is a chore. 70mph is the limit and if you go 70 you will be in the way. "So far we are in a no go due to weather" "T-Minus 9 minutes and holding". Now i actually like the slab sometimes. The rush of just getting on down the road without too much concern for cross traffic, like on the surface roads. So many accidents i hear about are from cross traffic, people turning left in front of the bike, or entering the roadway from a side street. "It's goin to be close, but we'll give it a shot" Nasa tells us over the air. There is a small cell 30 miles west of the pad that is a concern. ..But since my last encounter with getting airborne at 45ish mph over that wood pallet in in the middle of my lane on my way to work last week has me still a bit skiddish, expecially when following semi's with full loads at 70mph on the slab. "Observed and forcast no go, for thunder storm anvils, I don't hold a lot of hope at this point." "We copy" and so it goes.About 20 minutes real time till launch, but it doesnt look good. .. So i make it to Rockledge and find Larrys crib on the golf course. Pat, his wife is across the street playing in a 4some tennis match as we roll out north heading to Ronnies house. They call Tonnie and he lives only 5 minutes from the yard and will meet us there so we can see if the bikes will fit in the trailer that is supposed to carry our sleds to the BlackHills. It's an enclosed 6x12 and too small for 3 bikes. So there. We are 30 days to go and no trailer. Hmmm? Off to a good start. Tonnie thinks he can find one at the AutoAuction, even tho he hasn't seen one lately. We need it to be 7x16 at least.
"We've got anvils within 20 miles. Sorry to break it to you, but it's not a good day to launch. We'll try again tomorrow." "We are going ahead to scrub for today." We hear from Shuttle Launch Control. Well, it's off to a party now. ill be back...


day 20

greeeetings keyboard. it's7:37 and i'm just back from SkyKing Fireworks in Daytona Beach. Was going to take The Snoop but our normal summer afternoon thunder boomers were gathering for their evening barrages and so took Old Blue, the 89Corolla. Good thing too because on the way home it was the Perfect Storm . At least i did score 48 Excalliber Cannister Shells with assorted effects from Jumbo Red Dahlia's to Silver Waves and Red Whrilwinds. sounds good. we'll see come this weekend. Got some smoke bombs because my Joey had so much fun with them last year. Anyhoo, i booked it out of SK and with the gas gauge flirting seriously with "e" and some thick clouds marching rapidly my way i made it to the back side of the Daytona Racetrack, that is prepping big time for a major race this weekend, before the PF began its show. I coasted along at15 mph and fourways workin strong as the ws wipers were doing the two step in double time. At the intersection with Williamson one could not see 30 feet ahead. Here comes a Medic Alert fan with lights and horns making a statement. I slowly creep across the intersection wondering if i get smacked by someone who can't see either, will the trunkload of fireworks ignite? Yikes. Whew. Well it got stronger and stronger, wires down, tree limbs blowing across the road, then the hailstorm begings. Good size balls of ice bouncing off ofold blue, but press on thankfully behind some other brave souls and now the little gas reminder light is glowing brighter than ever. "Will the power be on?" i wonder, anticipatting the Citgo just two miles ahead. Ahha. Just ahead of the front and their power is on. They don't know whats coming their way. I hop out quickly, gas up and zip back south on 415 outraceing what i just drove thru. Ahh. clearing skies, but a glance in the rear view reveals black clouds and zero visibility. Whew...


day 19

greeetings keyboard. long time no talk. too many this and thats and dat ain't rite. WritetoLive is as important to me as RidetoLive. So please excuse my dribble if it isn't exclusively about motorcyling. your author is at this very moment in his backyard under the arbor and cloudy skies deep in the jungle, scribbling on his new lap top wirelessly connected to cyberspace. I now want to take a pic a see how that works...

Wowwie zowwie. that works. Now this may be simple and old hat technology to most of you, but well you know that Pink Floyd line "ten years have passed you by. You missed the starting gun. No one told you when to run." Well, that line was written to me. I'm a little late to the laptop/wireless game but just in time for me. Because i hope to file a play by play while in Sturgis South Dakota for the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally.http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com/ and yes we are virgins to this show, so hope to b e able to provide another perspective. http://rally.sturgis.sd.us/You know how you can anticipate something too much and when you finally are experiencing that thing, then theres whatz her face singing "So, thats all there is? If thats all there is then i'll just keep on dancing...". My brother Larry and i have been anticipating this so much, reading all the web forums and web cams, reading the Rapid City Journal, which provides a great web blog during the celebration of the motorcycle. http://www.sturgisrallydaily.com/, getting in our miles and bikes prepped, and just plain talking about all the details everytime we talk., i hope we arent a victim of the "Now What" disease. Thats a whole 'nuther story to it self and zoon to follow.
But for now, todays experiment is to see if i could post and zip current pics just like that and lo and behold i think i've crossed that frontier. Can now just relax and enjoy the fun part of banging away on these keys to see what happens next. OOops. just one more thing. Now i've got to find out how topost videos. I just bought a "camera clamp" that is a basic modified c clamp that attaches to the handlebars with a "foot" for the digital cameras. I'm just not too comfortable yet with the setup, fearing that one jolt or bump in the road could dis lodge the clamp and lead to the loss of said camera. It's worked well at slower speeds so may use it during a main street putt. But i am buying the "Hel-Cam" like the one KT has, altho we haven't see evidence of that yet, lol. also. I dont want to travel these 6k miles and not have evidence to help jog my memories so i write about them.
Got to ride 100 ish miles yesterday because it was supposed to rain hard all day today. Went thru one downpour and after sliding sideways on slippery roads to avoid a low mileage but costly smack up, i decided to call it good. Lots of clouds today, but no rain so far. I've got to run and do chores now and so will dribble here later...



i'ts one of htose mornings when one is so glad to be alive. No near misses or anything like that, but news that friends are suffering trials and tribulations with their teenage boy. Very sad that young people just don't get it. Not just for them but for the whole family and circle of friends. Life is so precious and they just dont understand that just one thoughtless moment and reaction and your whole world can melt away before your very eyes. No one here knows these people so i guess it's ok to divulge the known facts, but i'd rather speak of a new and exciting find for me and the family.

While in Sabastopol CA. visiting with Uncle Bruce and Aunt Annaliesa he let us read my Granny's Journal. Now it is well known in the family that she kept one but this is my first actuall seeing, reading and copying it. Turns out it is Volume IV: 1936-1941. She was born in 1907 and will be 99 next month. This volume starts when she is 29 years old. It is AMAZING. It's like the great american novel. Chokablok full of life, personal and public. I may try an experiment and try to take a picture of a page and see if it will post. While snooping around in another new found program i'm also trying this experiment. lets see if this works...

well, well, well. that seems to work. but now while i have time, back to the real work and not that playing around. lol
Grannys journal is most inspirational and as i read it i realize it is a Blog. She just wrote down daily all the ends and outs of this and that. Guess i have blogging in my genes. i wonder if other bloggers have family history of keeping journals? these have a differnt attitude because others may or may not read them, while the key for real journal keeping is to write as if no one is going to read it, that way you can let it flow and let the letters and stories fall where they may. Kick that little critic off your shoulder and let the great god of muese Hermes in for a chat.
it's all really just blah, blah blah, but i'ts my blah...
Like i said a lot has happened since my last time spewing here and i'm not sure where to start because i still have some motorcycle tales to share and that is the key to my spewing here. Maybe i should make another page for Granny's Journal?


day 18

i'm going to rattle on about Dola's Last Tour 'de Sore Butt to Lake Ockeechobee in a minute but first, i've found some pics and road tales that i've skipped and have been meaning to add...
another sat. morning and another SCHOG ride. This one is led by Lisa Dye and the Ladies of Harley and they invited us lowly men to play with them too. So, show up for play time we did.
April weather is perfect for puttin around the jungle , so after some group riding reminders and a lay out of the route, we saddled up and rode. Out east from the new shop on Hwy. 46 thru Sorrento and winding thru Zellwood, home of the famous Corn Festival http://www.zellwoodcornfestival.com/ and then around the lake in Clermont to the Rusty Fox.
Lunch was perfect and a time to chat with clubbers about all things motorcycle.

Lunch time over and time to saddle up again and head for LakeRidge Winery and do some serious wine tasting. The woman with the red and white hat is 67 years old and rides her Harley with pride. In the "on the road" photo thats ChainSaw in the red shirt and his wife on her sportser to his right. He calls her WeedWhacker. Some day i hope to hear the stories of where those names came from. When i asked him initially he just kinda sighed, laughed and said "that was a long time ago and quite a night." anyhoo he is the one who sets his cruise control and takes rolling pics. here's one he tok of me. i think it's the only pic of me hoggin it that i have.
Thats his wifey in the background with a shit eating grin on her mug. You know. the kind we all get when puttin in the country side with friends.


day 17

just a note about these three new links i've just added. I know that July is way down the road, but it looks like it is time again for Ride To Work day. I see parking lots full of motorcycles during rallys etc. but very few on the roads for the morning commute. This day could be just the opposite. Hmmm?
also, this looks like neat idea and a great sticker



day 17

another sat. another ride. praise the lord. can i get an amen? thank you.
it's time for the "REAL RIDE", a local radio station http://wtks.com sopnsered ride in conjunction with Big Bad One and Only, BRUCE ROSSMEYER and Destation Daytona. I registered online , 53 bones for me and my Joey, (youngest, 15, son, who loves to ride with me and is anxious for his own sled.) It was 130 bones to ride "VIP"", which was too much for me. We pack up cameras and cigars and hit the slab at 10am and rolled into the radio station parking lot to sign in.
now, i've been on a few rides, but this one was extremely organized. From the entering of the parking lot to the, waiver, sign in and t-shirt line, all went smooth as a purring shift into the right gear at the right time.
We had 90 minutes till jiffys up, so we wandered around and found some Schog's.
thats rick, karen, sandy, bonnie, oj, cant' remember and Ron. just a few of the Schogs that wanted to enjoy and good ride and help a good cause. all the proceeds went to Bruce's favorite institution, the Boggy Creek Gang. http://www.boggycreek.org/2006/home.asp a truly good cause . Last year my Joey and i rode on another of their sponsered rides. 2thousand bikes at a 100 dollar buy in for a police escorted 60 miler to the camp. The most i've ever paid to ride my bike and the largest pack. today was supposed to be a 1000 bikes, but i dont even think there were 700. and as far as the police escort today. well, what the f, if i cant say what i think here, where can i say it. of course i've had a shot of brown wine and some budwiser to wash it down, but the fuzz today did a half ass job. but more on that later.
here is a pic of Shannon on the Real Bike at the front of the vip pack
here is a pic of the king himself Bruce Almighty on his custom Hog. we all laughed and commented "of course. if you were him wouldn't you? Look. he owns the largest harley shop in the world".
my only beef with him, besides crankcases full of jealousy, is his motto.
"It's the Destination."
in an effort to advertise "his" places of interest and spending. and we all know, and thats the reason we ride, is that "It's the Ride NOT the Destination" that is our golden rule. and here's this hog on a hog turning our love of the road into his dollars. now brucealmighty is a giver and donates mega dollars to his causes, but as you can see, he ain't lackin for grub on his table... tobecontinued. need some sleep because tomorrow is Dolas' 400 mile Ockeechobee run...