day 38

i just got back from a nice 25 mile ride around the hood. after a day at the office my best friend snoop-skoot and i can hardly wait to twist it wide open. had to have one last go at it for 2008. so much has happened and so much needs to be done...
here is a pic i want Bear to use for my next tat. it will go on the outside of my right forearm, so when we are slammin down the highway, we will be slammin down the highway...


day 37

greeetings all
another sunny sunday in the jungle and another day for a ride or riding story... it's been awhile since i've had time to scribble here so i have lots of stories... how'd you like those last two video's of the Doom Brothers?


a new day

it was late on a monday and i was not in the mood, but my boys were...


Another beautiful day in the jungle and another Schog run up the road...I got a chance to visit Cross Creek last year and when my good buddy Dan Shay told me that Marjorie K. Rollins was a strange bird, well i just had to read her stuff. I had never read her, so went right to the top and found a copy of Cross Creek. Wow, she is/was goooood. My kind of observations. So when Matt suggested taking the Schogs up river, i signed on right away.


day 36

Free at last. Free at last. Thank god almighty, I'm free at last.
That was the first thing i heard on the tv that afternoon after riding home early that first wed. in April. All the stations were remembering Dr. King and that quote seems to be the most popular. The phrase is supposed to mean one thing, but this day it meant something completely different to me, and it's not good. But being as this is a site about motorcycles i will now direct you to another site for more info...



greeeetings keyboard.
just getting back from our SCHOG "Traveling Hog" festivities. We all landed at the TGIF's in Altamonte Springs where they had to call in extra staffl. we packed the joint. there will be pictures, videos, exposes, gossip, short stories and finally a full feature movie eventually made of this party.But for now here is another teaser of day 2 of bikeweek daytona style 08...



greeeeetings keyboard.
wow, what a great bike week it has been. And to top it all off, about noonish the phone rings and a man asks "Is this the Tahoe Taco?"...The stun began to set in instantly. "WTF". i'm thinkin.... to myself, "no one knows that name. at least no one in my circle for 30 some years now. the brain is doing a double time sprint back thru the voices from yester-year and then it pops... SKI. Wow. I cant's say wow enough. You, dear keyboard were not even a glint in your makers great grandmothers eyes way back then...Way back then are some good tales which may or may not be true, but Terry Dyksinski was always real and true. Then he says "hey. i got someone here who wants to talk to you." "ok" i questionably answer. "hello." Who is this". i'm thinkin, then pop, its David freakin Gilstrap...wow and his wifey Eddie. Now my Sunday has turned into something really special, because these three people were the true definition of "friends". Now a days, you, my lovely keyboard, you of course and my journals are my best friends. and of course my special Snoop Skoot. Speaking of which man o man what a great bike week i had. Only met up with some Schog's on Sat. nite at the Patch, but that was a hoot. The Thong Pulls bring whole new visions now of competition at the Patch.


Sorry, i cant' get that link thingy to worky...No pictures of the thong pulls here yet. I'm still editing day two which was to Deland Bike Show, Daytona International Speedway, Main Street, then cruised south on Hwy. 1 to the best Chili-Cheese Steak Sammy in da world, then 40ish miles south to 46 turnoff and to say goodbye to my bruder Larry. Let me see if i can find a teaster photo... while i edit...



ok. let bike week begin proper. here are some impressions from the thursday before the official start of bw.


day 32

can this be the last of bike week 08 already???
here is a teaser pic...



lets run to flagler beach florida, thru the world famous loop with some of the best bikers around...

3. 2. 1 blastoff of the shuttle Atlantis... just another day at the beach...


day 30

greeetings keyboard. oh yas what a long strange trip its ben. so very much has come between your author and his available time to talk to you. c' la vie., but i'm back now?

this pic says it all...

now how would that be for a novels first line? This is a pic i took yesterday with our new cannon and lovey with the bestest of a smile on. Course, who doesn't smile when straddling my hog? lol

anyhoooo. I must confess that i've been writing more in my journal with pen. I just like the way Mercury tells the pen what to write...i also like not having to think about what i write. here, is another story. i want folks to enjoy my journey, but not necessiarlily know everything, and when i get to tappin away here, well? am i responsible for my blurgs or is Mercury? hmmm? Thankfully the ones that know of this site are friends and family so that makes it easier and harder at the same time... i must admit that i've been very distracted lately with the Monsters. I've never writtenabout them, but then i'ts been like a long cruise, you know, too busy doing to write about it... not a real good excuse but there it is...

i found jtv what seems like eons ago when justin was first experimenting with his dream and wearing the cam on his baseball cap, taking us to picnics in the park in san francisco, then across the Bay Bridge into Berzerkly to the UC Business School and their American Business Idol production and to countless parties with movers and shakers and he let us eavesdrop in on his progress. he would speak of it being a platform, yadayayayada, etc. then all of a sudden, bam pow explosive time after Justine flew into the city and took over for a day. One of the first contributors was this dentist from the midwest who took us 24/7 along to the baseball all star game in essf. Nowadays, its a whole different place. No one wears a cam on their baseball caps. no one. all the cams are pointed at them. Just the opposite of original angle, but it seems to have worked. Their are worlds and realities unseen or unimagined heretofore. And so, the local radio station has a personality,Daniel Dennis, and he is an official lifecaster now and has quite a following. Many of his "peeps", hang out there even when he isnt' broadcasting to shoot the chat. and they are a most intriguing crowd called, "the Militia". last post has a pic i tink. and now that work is picking back up i have less and less time to chit during the morning and have been stepping away from that addiction, which of course makes one re consider. i've a link on my jtv page to here, but i dont think they've found it yet...they are a pretty busy bunch. altho i've been busy, my two cents are only about that...precious to me and mine. get it? mine... is such a perfect word, becasue the mine is where the gold lives. I also am very dissapointed my project to try and raise funds and awareness for the vets didin't get off the ground. Never heard back from national or other local organizers. I saw Monk at Jonny's a few weekends ago during OJ.'s Mission Impossible Run

Theres WideOpen Brian and Angelic Angie having too too much fun with OJ. and so anyway, I spoke with Monk, who was all for the idea and told him of not hearing back from National and he understood. He's not been 100 percent but is doing betta. He's one good man. And now of course theres Real American Biker TV
Wayne Gonzo is one good man and i'm glad that this thing is off the ground for him. He has four shows airing on Channel 21 now and is taking a break before the next four. He realizes that he's a lot to learn, but is riding bravely forward, learing, growing and enjoying his dream. Which has resparked my dream of a bike show... i have to go low budget for now, but think i have a vision. so we've been gathering lots of footage and now just have to do some editing which is time intensive as heck... i'll be bak...