wtf. it's been how long since i've scribbled here??? can't be. well, yes it can be. now what motorcycle tall tales have rolled around since...

Lost Weekend doesn't count because we, (altho we do have motorcycle oil in our veins) didn't ride up to Daytona Beach (home of speed and motorcycles), but it was still an interesting adventure and we played the game as best we could. Linda snatched a ring side position for the main event of Bubba Whoop A... Wilson versus Tony Rage, to play with her camera and she actually lost her car keys. but the view from our 14th floor getaway and the "reality not allowed" attitude and finally finding her keys made everything ok. our early saturday morning sunrise ish leisurely, and by leisurely, i mean strollingly cruise north with no real destination or time constraints.we came along this treat...
then the rock and rollin saturday nite party chased away any last resemblance to normalcy, after a beack work out of course...



ok. here's what our short term future looks like
18th Annual Zoo Run , 9/12/2010, Sanford, Fla.

Lost Weekend, Plaza Resort in Daytona, Fla, 9/17-19

Old Skool Chopper Show, 10/14/2010, Meet for breakfast at 8am at the Osteen Diner.

Linda's Birthday at the Downtown Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, 2/12/2010

Motorcycle ride north along the Dragons Tail and the Blue Ridge Parkway to Lorton Va. and the AutoTrain home., 4/30/2010

Howz dat?


Monster Militia Summer BBQ 2010

here is our short version of one day filled with too much fun...

too much fun was the treat for the day. This was my third annual Supreme Leather Customer Appreciation Day. Roy Thurston,more commonly known as, "Captain Supreme", makes this day his own and at the same time provides for local artists to show off their goodies...


Pink in Sanford

What a fun way to spend a Saturday in Sanford. The Ribbon Riders strike again...


hey now

well, another day NOT in the saddle, not the good saddle anyhooo. the one on Snoop-Skoot... you never knew we have Cabin Fever here in the jungles did ya? Well, it's here and it's wearin on us all.Hmmmmm. I know what will cheer us all up. howz 'bout another pic?

Now there are two smiling faces that reveal that "vacation" attitude, that we work so hard the rest of the year for.


Too Bloody Hot

I know, i know, we are supposed to tell tourists "Hot?. This ain't hot". just to see that look on their faces of such disbelief. but damn. it is HOT. too bloody hot for me to voooormvrooooom around here in the jungle today... gives me a chance to catch up here a bit. been working lots of overtime lately, in fact i could come up with lots of excuses, but none of them worthy, so what say we just move along.Let me spruce up the scenery here and pop in a new pic from our last adventure...
Oh yas, there is your author and co-pilot aobut 2 thousand miles from home and lovin it.