It's one of those ageing things they don't warn you of. Going to funerals. The longer I live, the more funerals I attend. They don't get easier. I have heavy funeral baggage, just like most. In fact I had to quit attending the Chapter funeral runs last year, it was too overwhelming.
Last Saturday I said my final goodbyes to one of the good ones. A good friend's wife and high school sweet heart, who loved life and let her light shine brightly every day. Yes, they were motorcycle peoples, but oh so much more. They moved away from my neighborhood a few years ago, but I still would see them at Chapter functions and although her brutal disease was already affecting her, she still smiled the biggest smile in the crowd. Her eyes would light up upon making contact with yours, enough so to reassure you that everything was ok.
At the ceremonies a lot of they're Chapter brothers and sisters came to pay respects. When I hugged him, I just blubbered up, as did he, and words were worthless. We agreed we loved each other, then I moved along so he could be hugged by other sad friends.
The procession filled the roadway as far as one could see thru teary eyes forward and backwards.
She loved her black cowboy hat with a silver band and would just be so snappy looking as to always light up an event. So, one of her Chapter sisters brought hats for all the sisters and they asked me to snap a memorial pic. I did. It is perfect. just like she was... rip...