gap anyone?

here is a little experiment that has been dying to be uploaded...


more catch up?

greetings key board.
what a long strange trip its been as of late... and now on top of that blogger has opened up the editing genie in the bottle and added new toys to explore. but this the time and place for motorcycle stories... can i catch up from last november? as is the case, when one is busy doing, its hard to write, especially when i have this speeding ticket to work off, but that story is for another time.
i dont' see any mention here of Harold's Annual Veteran's Day Run, so that's where i'll start. Hmmm. I have no pics, so there that is.

i do have this kewl pic, but lets hold on to that story for a sec.
Harold leads about 30 roaring happy and free riders out of the new shop on the second sunday in november out east on 46 to 415 north to rrrrrr, i cant remember the name of the joint, but know that it is a "no colors" bar next to Skips Boots, with a large enough gravel parking lot to hold a hundred or so bikes and is usually half full every weekend. On and off during the day, you know how bikers live to ride in, wet the whistle then ride on. any hoo we pick up another 30 club member bikes there, then saddle up, start up and claim the road as ours, with our excellent road captains blocking all cages from our united pack.