Get Your Heart On

the first week in February the Seminole County Harley Owners Group sponsor their world famous Valenine's Run. Their dedication to the hard work and time in, required to show the biker community a great event shows. The 21st edition did not disappoint. Since becoming a schog we've always tried to pitch on game day by volunteering for wherever we could be of service, but I promised my lovely that this year we would just ride and have fun. We arrived at the Chapter main meeting hall at the VFW Post, that we call home* around 10:30, knowing the last bike out was at 11. There were still bikes rolling in to start the run after 11 am. That's a good sign. We enjoyed an early beverage. The working schogs were busy. That's a good sign. Word was that they sold out of the 350 allotted wristbands.
All this hard work will benefit the Chapter, yes, but most of the profits will go to buying the necessities for the Chapter's Annual Run to the Veterans homes around Christmas time. The Chapter rolls in with goody bags jocka bloka full of these and those items that our heroes enjoy. They roll in with bar b ques and prepare and pass out a special thank you meal to those who deserve our thanks. They roll in with their shiny glorious American hunks of thunder, throttled twisted and the rumbling roar puts smiles back on the faces of those special Americans. So all the hard works pays off.