day 5

oh what a day. my first ride on 1 north with Larry and his gang. as i recall his riding bud, the big C. was leading the pack, as he does today, and there are favorite stretches of 1 that 85 plus is just right. i think i may have been flying just a little faster than my guardian angel that day, because Larry was right there with me, i think our power was powerfull.



5:09pm. Sunday afternoon. Clear skies and a light breeze and 67degrees right here, right now. I was in the saddle today from 8:15 am at 49 degrees, and yet did not even go 140 miles. I pulled into the new shops parking lot crisply at 8:45am to find big dave, barb, and marine dave already there. Marine dave has a new to him 98 ultra. it only had 13k on it when he bought it last december and already he's put 6k on it. Today was Lake County's HOG keynote ride and so about 30 bikes met at the shop and headed for 441 and our second pick up. The back roads of Lake County and Seminole are made for motorcycles early on a sunday morning. The sunday morning gatherings for a putt with the family is my version of going to church. The lead road captain for the day is the preacher for the day and the other road captains are his heppas. When the hogs all rumble up after the starters whistle, that sound is the church choir praising it loudly. And the wind blowing in our faces as we take over the roadways is the spirit of life. Can't get those feelings of appreciation of our lifestyle by sitting in a stuffy box listening to someone tell you his interpretation of life. lol...I am so glad no one is reading this, because i have no lies these fingers are typing, i'm just along for the ride. So...We meet Walt and his Heritage Softail riding wife at 44 and Sandler road. Althea rolls up in her boa's ready to ride and hollers "kodak moment". She climbs up on the gas station pump island and squeezes us all in. "I don't have the wide angle lens, here people. Squeeze in now.!". She's is hooot. and just as honest as one can be and thats what makes her a biker, not the fact that she rides a Honda. She can ride the f out of dat bike. Walt L. then says he knows of some nice backroads up this way and "I think we're going to get a couple of cards and then go for a ride. i know of some excellent roads with motorcyle written all over them." sounds good us. "We'll just get a couple of the cards and then buy the rest at the last stopping spot. We then kick it to Leesburg Gator Harley for the start of their ride. We roared in fairly fragmented due to hiway441's endless stoplights. Got signed in and it turned out that the ride set up by Lake County HOG was the same route Walt wanted to take us on. so there ya go, and away we went. fine fantastic windy back country roads thru open woods and lakes and...



now, i've farted around long enough trying to learn the mechanix of html and all's i want to do is write. i've 1 hour before having to tote Joey and his equiptment over to Michael's dad's Electrical business shed for their big recording session and opportunity to work with his new mixer pa and monster speakers for their vocals. You thought because of the motorcycle picture, this would be about motorcycles? what? lol of course this about motorcycles and life and the living of it. and how can one discuss life without talking about Wild Turkey? America's national drink. now this is a subject that may make a grand novel. oyyvaaa the stories. But first lets start with this pic. It was on a perfect bike riding Wed. morning at Trader Jacks in Deland just up the road from the end of 17-92.



now. rrrrr. this thing is a lot of work. just figurin out how to get some semblance of control here.
anyhoo, now that we've laid the groundwork about storytellin, let us begin. Not at the beginning of course but here on Daytona Beach Bike Week 2006 on a Wed. and that means only one place in the world exists, yes, The Cabbage Patch of Samsula, Florida. let me have a yahoooo. I said "let me have a YAHHHOOOO". bless ya brother. Yes, today is Wed. and Biking Brother Dave the "hammer", has joined me in a day of hookie from our offices, mine on terra firma, his on 16 wheels that he makes sing and dance all over these jungles for 12 hours out of 24. Now, if anyone has earned the right to a hot sausage cheesesteak sandwich and a cold beer for breakfast, while rockin in the most comfortable saddle in all of the Patch
it is the hammer. the pic next to him, rrrrrrr. it was supposed to be here, but rrrrr, the pic next to him is of a John Deere custom chopper. Nothing putts like a deer? hey? ooooops. almost time to refill mr. turkey glass. as all "real bikers" know, wed. of bike week is "cole slaw" wrestling in Samsula and a tradition that must be attended. it rained like heck last year on wed. and even tho i took the day off, i went into the office instead of the mudd. still don't like riding in the wet. Last Sat. while riding home from day one of 06, we saw the big sign on A1A of the upcoming event of "cream corn" wrestliing, so it must the fresh vegetable time of year again. Big Dave C. , the hammer, had riden over to my house Wed. early and brother Dan, the Captn Kramer with a new brother, Dan, all were ready to roll by 9:05 am. We screwed it up and woke up the hood as the 4 of us, 3 harleys and a honda, skedaddled east on 46 for the 15 miles to Stetsons Corner to meet my big brother Larry and his boss Ronnie. They rolled in just seconds before us. I and the hammer gas up and we all head west on 46 past Jungle Road and past the Sanford Model Aeroplaners, past the unknown sanford marina and over puzzle lake to 415. Then north and past 40 acres being prepped to build 100's of tiny boxes on a hillside. tiny boxes, made of tickky tackky. Now you got to be ancient to get that one.am i out of room here is that the deal? no the screen is now loading at one page at a time...rrrrrrrrrrrrr.thats the joy of no one really reading this shit, is that i can scribble and dribble all over the place just testing things out and lettting the fingers do the walking and it's ok... o freakin k...one thinks , that ohh. don't want to waste that line here, that may have been the winning line, but sometimes ya gotta say, 'what da f"...


7:09pm, in my library here deep in the jungles of central florida. Wonder if this text wil stay? My last attempt at letting the river of words flow here was for naught, and those words are gone with the wind. due totally to user error. i upshiffted instead of downshiftted and turned left with my right indicator on. in other words, i f'd up and pushed a wrong key and those words are history. maybe for the best, they may have all been lies. i think this is a fine environment for lies. if you pick them out, just enjoy and move on, because i have no real say as to what pops out of these finger tips, they are on their own. Selah.

this is just a test. this is only a test. if this had been a real entry you would have been directed to read it...
and the test continues. it is currently 7:18am here in winter park, florida under cloudy skies and a chilly 56 degrees, but at least it's friday...but you know what they say. Friday is only two dayz from Monday...